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OfficeTalk Calendaring editions - affordable, easy to use yet...

OfficeTalk Calendaring editions - affordable, easy to use yet highly functional Shared and Group CalendarsIf you are looking for a straightforward, easy to implement and use solution for individual and shared calendars plus group or team calendars, then an OfficeTalk Calendar edition will provide the functionality that you need at a price you can afford.

Fully featured individual calendars and task lists Shared calendars a click away but with full security control Unlimited free calendars for meeting rooms and other resources Unlimited group calendar views for teams, projects, whatever you need Customizable to your requirements and with full control of access rights Support for people on the move (not all available in Calendar Lite Edition) Affordable from as few as 3 users, robust and scalable up to 500 users Fully featured individual calendars and task lists with the functionality you needYour calendar provides configurable daily, weekly and monthly views plus a custom view of up to 100 days and even a list view.

The daily view can show any other time zone as well as your own, and can show time slots from 5 minutes upwards. Appointments can be made directly into any of the views for ease and speed, or with a dialog if more information, such as a reminder, notes, or data for custom fields is required.

Notes are in rich text and you can attach documents. Appointments may also be marked as tentative and private, ensuring full confidentiality. Overlapping bookings are also possible.

Comprehensive facilities are provided for scheduling repeat appointments and tasks can be scheduled by dragging them onto the calendar. All bookings can be stretched to the required duration.

Editing appointments is easy, with copy and paste, in place editing, and drag and drop to different time slots or days. OfficeTalk also provides fully featured Task Lists.

Tasks may be simply entered or comprehensively defined with the ability to assign a priority, a deadline and categories. A note can be added with attachments and any predefined custom fields completed.

You can update status by adding a percentage complete and tasks may be marked as private, ensuring confidentiality. Tools for managing your task list include the drag and drop creation of hierarchies and the ability to create folders for storing tasks.

You can choose which columns of information are displayed and easily sort and filter tasks by whatever criteria are relevant. Having organized and prioritized your task list, you may well wish to schedule when individual tasks will be worked on.

This is quick and easy with OfficeTalk; you simply drag the task on to the relevant time slot in your calendar and stretch it to the amount of time spent on it.

This doesn`t interfere with your appointments and meetings, as OfficeTalk accepts overlapping calendar bookings. Recognizing that a task is often not complete in one session, you can drag it onto your calendar each time you work on it.

Fast and easy access to your colleagues` calendarsAccess to your colleague`s calendars can be as important as access to your own. With the right access rights you can access any user or resource calendar quickly and simply - just select the user`s name from a drop-down list.

And with the right access rights, you can also edit other user`s calendars, so secretaries can manage their bosses` calendars and supervisors can manage their team calendars.

Unlimited free calendars for meeting rooms and other resourcesOfficeTalk also provides calendars for an unlimited number of resources, from meeting rooms to laptops, or even people who never log in to OfficeTalk, each of which also has full access rights control.

Unlimited group calendar views for teams, projects and the whole organizationOfficeTalk`s Group Calendars allow anyone to view the commitments of other team members simultaneously for any group to which they have access.